Ellen Brown

Bookkeeping. Small Business Consultant. 

Through years of owning and operating small businesses, I have developed the tools and strategies for helping new or established businesses to open, operate and thrive.


I owned and operated two restaurants in Seattle’s Belltown and Queen Anne neighborhoods from 1993-2004. My husband and I designed and built both from the ground up – from negotiating the lease, designing the restaurant layout and menu development to the actual build out of the spaces, the daily operations, cooking, waiting on tables and cleaning the floors. The experience gave me a real sense for what it takes to own and operate a business – the creative drive, the hustle and the sheer guts to risk it all on an idea.

Post-restaurants, I decided to take my favorite role in the business (other than eating and drinking of course!) and start my own bookkeeping practice, and to work with other businesses, helping them to open and become profitable.

I “get it.” I’ve been in your shoes and understand the highs and the lows of small business ownership. Why you do it, why you love it and why you can’t see yourself doing anything else.