Small business BOOKKEEPING. CONSULTING. training.


Bean counting for restaurants or any business with taste

My name is Ellen Brown and I speak small business, not accounting-speak.


Specializing in restaurant and retail bookkeeping services, small business consulting and financial training.

I understand what it takes to open and operate a small business and the challenges and obstacles that they face everyday – from labor shortages and cost of goods, to competition and time management.

I specialize in restaurant and retail accounting, providing specific tools for managing finances and cash flow, inventory control, labor costs, profitability and so much more.


specialties Include

Restaurant & Retail Bookkeeping

From soup to nuts, counting the beans to paying the man.

Financial Training

To provide every business owner with the financial where-with-all to start and grow their business.

Small Business Consulting

Assess your challenges to identify needs and provide solutions that are realistic and achievable.


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Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Ellen has been wonderful, super consistent and helpful. And a lovely person to boot!"

“Ellen’s dedication paired with a great depth of knowledge and experience makes her a valuable resource for clients.”

“Ellen’s wit and great sense of humor make her fun to work with!”